Take your driver´s license in english

Plan your education with us

Follow these steps below to get an overview at the different parts of the education.

  • Preparations


    To start your journey to a swedish driving license you need to have a valid driving permission from Transportstyrelsen. You can apply online on their website. The applications need a vision test, we can help you with that at the office.

  • Step 1

    Private driving

    If you have the possibility to drive privately you and your supervisor need to go an introduction course. The course is 3,5 hours long and is valid for five years. You and your supervisor do not need to attend the course at the same time.

  • Step 2

    Study theory

    We can offer all the theory material in english, both books and digitally with text and questions.

  • Step 3

    Driving lessons

    We offer education on both manual and automatic cars. The lessons are 80 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Risk Education 1

    Risk Education part 1 is a theoretical exercise where we together will discuss common risks when driving e.g alcohol and drugs, fatigue and risky behaviour. This education is approximately 3,5 hours, including pause.

  • Step 5

    Risk Education 2

    In the end of your education you need to do the risk education 2. You get to experience risky traffic situations in a safe environment.  We are doing this course in Härnösand. You book the course together with your instructor you take your lessons with at our school.

  • Step 6


    You need to do both a theory and driving test. You must be 18 years old and approved in Risk education 1 and 2 to be allowed to do the tests. You book the tests together with your intructor. You need to have an approved theory test before the driving test. The tests must be approved within a 6 months period. The exams and manufacturing of your licens  costs 1485 kr, this charge will Trafikverket bill directly to your address.

  • Freedom

    Driving license

    If your pass both of the exams the license is yours! Congratulations!